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Your place in the Mediterranean



Adriatica Real Estate Corporation plans to develop a prime piece of coastal real estate near the town of Šibenik, an historic town in Croatia, located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea.


Nikola is integrating the vision of the architect, Professor Bašic with the input of PKF Hotelexpert, one of the global market leaders in hotel, tourism & leasure consultant.


NIKOLA is supported by the Dalmatia and Šibenik  authorities and is managed by experienced Croatian and Swiss professionals who have already purchased the first plots in the late nineties. Over the past several years these experienced professionals have collaborated closely with the Croatian authorities and its administration for obtaining the necessary real estate development approvals.


ADREAL intends to seize this opportunity by exploiting one of the country’s beautiful coastal site to create a one of a kind luxury residential and commercial resort. The project is consistent with the tourism and marine strategies defined by the Croatian government, which fully supports this development at every level

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Project Nikola promotional film
Beautiful promotional film of our project.
Nikola's location and airports

Nikola is located in Croatia which is not only a proud recent member of the European Union since 2013 but also becoming the prime destinations in the Mediterranean for summer holidays.


Nikola benefits from a fantastic view over the Adriatic Sea in the Mediterranean.


Nikola is located in the county of Šibenik-Knin near Šibenik, exceptionnaly beautiful and Unesco listed historical town in Croatia, located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea.


Nikola is located 45 minutes drive from both international airports; Zadar and Split. 


Rental cars can be hired in both airports. An airport shuttle is linking Split airport to Sibenik.


Taxis are approximately Euros 60 (One way).



Current Phases & Development
Nikola is intended to be build in two independent phases
First phase (Blue Phase):
  • 5-star Hotel individual bungalows with a private beach (8)

  • 5 or 4-star Hotel - Meetings Events Center, Night Life entertainment Gambling Center, a harbor and pristine beach (5)

  • Marina and facilities with an exclusive Yachting Club

  • Residential village along a central open air pedestrian arcades with designer retail shops and dining options ranging

    from fine to casual (1)

  • One of the Residences will be adapted to offer medical services.

  • Hotel Academy Institute and Training Center (This first innovative center in Croatia will serve as an Academy to

    students and Hotel to the public) (11)

  • Individual villas (some of them will be directly connected to the Marina with a private mooring place)

  • Roads and infrastructure


Second phase (Red Phase)

  • A 4-star Hotel with a lake shore (16)

  • Health Therapy Center promoting excellent local mineral mud source (15)

  • Inland Water Recreational Center

  • Additional residential buildings and individual villas along the inland lake front

  • Shopping Mall (19)

  • Community Center with a nondenominational church (19)

  • Roads and infrastructure

Who is Nikola's Architect?

Professor N. Bašić is Croatian, born in 1946, who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in Sarajevo. He has a particular talent for merging the traditional Dalmatia heritage into his work. Professor Bašić is internationally known and very much respected in Croatia for his work. Two projects, among his life time work, demonstrate his outstanding achievements :


  • D-Resort and private Yacht Club Marina (5* Hotel) inaugurated in Sibenik in July 2015


Architectural heritage

Nikola is not intended to create an artificial ethnic environment, but rather a space offering the enjoyment to live in a modern authentic Dalmatia haven. This urban development offers safe marina, leisure and health activities with high standard of quality of life.  It is a place where one can leave the "Dalmatiia way of life". Calm and relaxing for family and friends. Your haven on the Dalmatia Coast.

3D video presentation of NIKOLA

Here is an amazing video of NIKOLA all done with CGI. Get a walk in this new city as if you were already in. Everything is exactly as it is intended to be build.

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